DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 16: Danny Balis

...and for the Luddites still rockin' the Youtube, here's your link.

This week's installment of DC9 in Space starts with a tandem swig of beer, features maybe a few too many one-liners from King Buck keys man Chad Stockslager, and ends with a performance of "Tethered," one of the many fine, fine country tunes from Danny Balis' debut solo effort, Too Much Living.

There are other songs strewn throughout the clip, of course. Also, some fun facts--like how Balis thinks his solo material compares to that of The King Bucks, how Balis' close friend Carter Albrecht's death directly propelled the creation of the record, and how, if for no one else, Balis made the record for his mother, herself a country artist back in the day. (She's a fan, big shock.)

It's all in this week's above, must-see installment of our ongoing series, so go ahead and hit play.

And, per usual Wednesday habit, we'll be taping yet another installment of this series at Space Studio (2814 Main St.) tonight at 7:30, as yet another secret performer stops by for the DC9 in Space treatment. Should be yet another special night, so stop on by. It's free to attend, y'know.

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