DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 17: Salim Nourallah

...and for the Youtube inclined, we begrudgingly present your alternative Youtube link.

It's tough to deny the pop sensibilities of Salim Nourallah. If anything, we've come to expect that talent from him. Which might be why his latest--and supposedly final--release, Constellation, came off as such a nice surprise. Sure, it still features Nourallah singing the kind of pop gems we know he can provide, but, because of the way in which they were recorded--basically, that they weren't self-produced--they showed off a slightly different side of the well-known area songsmith.

Speaking of different sides: Nourallah sure showcased one at last week's taping for our 17th installment of our ongoing DC9 in SPACE series, revealing the man behind the curtain if you will, and opening up to a room full of his biggest supporters, taking questions and sharing stories about his music and the journeys behind his songs.

Click play on the above video clip and you'll see what I mean.

And, if you get the chance, stop by SPACE Studio (2814 Main Street in Deep Ellum) tonight at 8 o'clock as we welcome one of the newer bands to the local scene into this little project. As always, these performances are free to attend.

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