DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 18: The Fox and The Bird

...and as for the YouTube, well, there's that link now too.

At last week's DC9 in SPACE taping, the only five-month-old Richardson-based folk act The Fox and The Bird stopped by the studio, and showcased a level of performance well beyond what one would expect from such a new act. In front of an adoring audience of friends and fans, the five-piece--Dan Bowman, Kelsey Bowman, Travis Lawrence, Wheeler Sparks and Daniel Hall--offered up gorgeous four-part harmonies and a warm, homey sound.

That last bit--the homey part, I mean--doesn't come by accident; as you'll hear in the above interview and performance, nearly every song the band writes is based around the idea and theme of the home and all that it entails. Coupled with a wide range of instrumentation and a beautiful, organic sound, it all adds up to a promising start to the career arch of this young band--so young, in fact, that the band has yet to put any of its songs, aside from a few assorted live recordings, to tape.

Which, I guess, makes this week's clip about as ideal a setting in which to introduce yourself to The Fox and The Bird. The band. you'll hear, agrees with that assessment.

And, remember (shameless plug alert!), we do this every Wednesday night at SPACE Studio (2814 Main St.) in Deep Ellum. Stop on by some time.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.