DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 19: Nicholas Altobelli

...and for the Youtube-favoring set, here's your link.

The quite self-deprecating Nicholas Altobelli stopped on by DC9 in SPACE last week and shared with us his worries about creating music, his fears about the direction of Texas music and his love for, of all musicians, Shania Twain (seriously). All in all, it was a quiet, uncertain evening, but the folk-singing Altobelli, long-approved around these parts for his poetic, if somewhat depressing lyrics, kept things light with his sense of humor. And it all makes for what we hope is yet another enjoyable installment of this ongoing series.

Oh, and speaking of: Tonight we celebrate the 20th taping of this series--something we're quite proud of. It's sure feels like a while since we launched this deal back in early May with a focus on True Widow in our debut installment. But, somehow, we've managed to do this thing once a week, every week. Anyway, it's truly been a joy to create on our end. For those of you who've stopped on by for tapings so far, I hope it's been a joy for you, too.

But, either way--whether you've been to one of these tapings before or not--please feel free stop on by SPACE Studio (2814 Main St.) in Deep Ellum tonight if you're up to the task. As a sort of self-congratulatory ploy and also as a thanks to the fans who've shown up to these tapings on a regular basis, tonight's event will actually feature two tapings--one from Johnny Lloyd Rollins and another from Dem Southernfolkz, two great area artists hard at work as they prepare for the release of their next records. The first taping will get going shortly after 8 p.m. So, please, stop on by. Tonight's deal, as all of our Wednesday night DC9 in SPACE tapings are, is free to attend.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.