DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 20: Johnny Lloyd Rollins

...and for the Youtube freaks, your link's right here.

Last week, two artists stopped by our weekly DC9 in SPACE taping in celebration of our 20th episode of the weekly installment. First up? The always cheerful Johnny Lloyd Rollins, who excitedly spoke about his upcoming record with the small crowd of friends and fans assembled to listen. And though Rollins wouldn't play any of the new cuts from the disc--not on camera, at least--he did play a few of his old songs that are being re-worked to fit into the theme of his upcoming escape-from-modern-society release. And that shouldn't be too tough for the dynamic Rollins to pull off; his songs have always had a backward-looking, nostalgic aesthetic. Actually, that's one of the many things we talked about in this week's episode, which you can see above. Check it out.

As for the other artist who stopped by SPACE last week? Well, we've got some great footage of Dem Southernfolkz pontificating on life and hip-hop for our camera, too. But we're gonna hold off on posting that episode for just one more week, if you don't mind.

Why? Well, 'cause we've filmed 21 of these suckers now, and tonight, we're taking a break from the filming. We'll be back on schedule next week, though. So check next Wednesday's DC9 in SPACE post for details on that night's taping. As always, it will be free to attend.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.