DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 3: Tartufi

Last week, San Francisco experimental folk rock duo Tartufi rolled through the SPACE studios, kindly agreeing to take part in the most recent round of our video blog experiment, DC9 in SPACE. The band is currently on tour in support of its upcoming Nests of Wave and Wire release for Southern Records.

It was quite the sight, too: The duo, Lynne Angel and Brian Gorman, isn't your typical White Stripes derivative guitar-and-drum take by any stretch of the means. Instead, both musicians make plenty good use of the plethora of pedals laid out at their feet as they perform.

This set-up, aside from just being something pretty impressive to look at, allows for an at-times crushing wall of sound to encapsulate its listeners. It also makes for quite the haunting yet vulnerable aural explosion, constantly tricking the listener into parts are bigger than they are, or, transversely, smaller. Oh, just watch the above video, already; it expresses the feel of the sound far better than I can.

Oh, and stop by SPACE tonight, too, for the latest taping of this series, should you feel so inclined. We're anticipating a 7 p.m. start time for this one. But who's playing? Stop on by and find out.

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