DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 4: Matthew Gray, Delves Into The Humanity Pools With The Six Foot Saucer Pot People

Matthew Gray, the Matthew in Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, is up to some real interesting things of late, not the least of which include his efforts with his Bee's Fifth Collective and the music he's been creating with his new, solo project with an ever-evolving, rotating cast of additional players called, ever-so-coyly, Matthew Gray, Delves Into The Humanity Pools With The Six Foot Saucer Pot People. (Kinda rolls off the tongue, don't it?)

Maybe you recall a certain excellent mp3 Gray offered up from his new project as a free download for DC9 readers a few weeks back? Well, it raised our eyebrows here at DC9, for sure, which is why we invited Gray and some friends, bassist Hunter Johnston and keys player Connor Veteto, to stop on by for last week's taping of DC9 in SPACE (episode 4, for those keeping score at home).

Joel North from Sleep Whale even stopped in for a cameo, too.

Well, kinda. He called Gray's phone at one point during the performance, heard him playing, and put his phone on speaker so the friends he was with could hear it. Only, somehow, Gray's phone also turned its speakerphone on--which led to some confusion when, at the end of one performance, everyone in the room was miffed at where those darn, distant, muffled speaking voices were coming from. You won't see that on the above clip, but i think it speaks well to the quality of the performances you'll see above.

Meanwhile, last night at SPACE Studios, we again filmed one of these segments (episode 5, with RTB2, who drew a crowd of almost 50) and we'll have that ready for your viewing pleasure next Wednesday--at which point we'll also clue you in on the details about next week's performance.

So stay tuned. And enjoy the show.

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