DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 7: Sarah Jaffe

(For the Youtube inclined, here's your link.)

Last week, the great Sarah Jaffe stopped by our weekly SPACE Studio residency for a filming of the most recent installment DC9 in SPACE. And it started off on somewhat of an odd kick: Not very long after Jaffe and backing players Robert Gomez and Jeremy Buller showed, the power went out. And that's why, toward the start of this, our seventh episode, you'll see a funny little smile from Jaffe when the lights turn on during one of her warm-up takes--it's the power coming back on, not someone accidentally messing up a shot.

Not that Jaffe didn't have to overcome those hurdles, too; she, Gomez and Buller sure did once they'd led a troupe of fans out front to the sidewalk in front of SPACE. There, Jaffe put up with tattoo shop hecklers, a car alarm blaring and a panhandler or two on top of it all.

So, yeah, Jaffe's come a long way from the shy, eyes-shut performer she once was, even if her response to my observation of as much was modestly denied. Just watch the video, though; it speaks for itself in that regard.

And, tonight at Space, we'll be filming Episode 8 of this ongoing series. Stop on by, if you'd like--it'll be oh so fun. Filming stars at 8:30. As for who's playing? Well, I've dropped a not-so-subtle hint in here already--and you know I can't say, per the rules of this little event.

So just come along and see for yourself. And enjoy some free music while you're at it.

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