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DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 16: Spooky Folk

Alright, everyone:

No more jokes or discussions


Spooky Folk

's name--especially now that the band's explained its origins in the clip above, the 15th installment of our

DC9 Live at El Sibil


We tend to agree: It's original idea--an accidental Marilyn Manson reference--probably wouldn't have been too fitting for the band's brand of college rock. That's not to say the band's show isn't brimming with energy--it definitely is. And, last Wednesday night, when the band stopped by our Oak Cliff location to take part in our weekly taping session, it sure made for a good time.

The word's out on this act, it seems: Fans from all over the Metroplex showed to this performance. You'll see the crowds in the first half of the clip. Not the second, though--that was filmed up on the roof of our filming spot, with only the band, myself and videographer Jason Whitbeck watching. So be sure to check the above clip for the performances debut--something even the dozens of people who made it out to Oak Cliff last week didn't see. It's well worth the watch--not to mention the chance to see one of the area's more promising new acts in its element.

No taping tonight--or next week, for that matter, now that I think of it. We're taking a few weeks off--not forever, don't worry--and then we'll be back. Considering that this is the 42nd clip we've offered up since debuting our DC9 in Space series back on May 7, 2009, I think it's well-deserved. Granted, I'm completely biased, but whatever.

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