DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 17: Dear Human

...and for ye on YouTube, your link.

Last week, after two weeks off, we returned to the regular filming of our weekly DC9 Live at El SIbil series, welcoming in Denton math-rock outfit Dear Human into the fold. It was quite the time, too, as our crew and group of fans that gathered at the space all sat around trying to figure out the complicated time structures behind the band's sound.

But, for Dear Human's members, all of whom have been playing within the math-rock genre for some time now, staying on point with the ever-changing time structures of their songs has almost become a second-nature thing. As you'll hear the band explain in the above clip, it's just kind of "what happens" when they write and play their material together.

And, though the band also jokes in this week's clip that they suffer for their music, it's clear they get a kick out of it. And, in turn, there's definitely an alluring quality to the songs they produce. Give the above clip a watch, and I think you'll agree.

In the meantime, if you're free tonight, come on by our El Sibil studios (122 E. 5th St. in Oak Cliff) for this evening's taping. Tonight, we welcome The Orbans into the mix. The band will be performing an all-acoustic set for us, too. Should be a good time. Things will get rolling a little after 7 o'clock. See you there.

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Pete Freedman
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