DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 9: Somebody's Darling

...and for those of you still stuck on YouTube, here's your link.

Funny story about Somebody's Darling, the band that stopped on by for weekly DC9 Live at El Sibil taping last Wednesday night: This four-piece is actually the first band I ever saw in Dallas. I'd interviewed for the gig here at the Observer, got the job offer, accepted it, submitted my two weeks at the old job, packed up my stuff, moved to Dallas, signed a lease on a place off Lower Greenville, unpacked the U-Haul with the help of a couple buddies who'd made the trek with me and, since it was already late in my first night in town, we decided to take a break and grab a drink. So we walked over to Greenville and stopped off at The Cavern.

There was a band playing inside. I asked around, found out they were called Somebody's Darling, and I settled into some small talk with my friends. We all agreed that the band was good--surely a good sign for the strength of the city's music since we just stumbled upon this show. And then Amber Farris, David Ponder, Nate Wedan and Adam Carter launched into a fiery cover of "Me and Bobby McGee," with Farris just slaying Janis Joplin's parts. It was pretty incredible. And not a bad first night in town.

Some 25 months later, Somebody's Darling's gone through a few progressions--Carter was replaced by new bass player Mike Talley, the band entered into and won Shiner's Rising Star competition in 2008, put out an EP, then saw Shiner release its debut full-length. And it's only getting better: The band currently sits at No. 29 on the Americana radio charts, thanks to airplay its earned throughout the country. And, hey, that's just one slot below Norah Jones, not too shabby. One watch of the above clip and you'll see why: Even in a toned down performance like the above one, this band's just got a knack for entertaining. Check it out.

And, if you'd like, stop on by El Sibil (122 E. 5th St. in Oak Cliff) tonight at 7 p.m., where we'll be welcoming Mount Righteous, another wildly entertaining live act, to our ongoing video series. As always, the taping is free to attend. See you there.

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Pete Freedman
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