DC9 on Unfair Park. Or: Old Music Editors Never Die, They Just Put Music Content On News Blogs

Soulja Boy: Loves the Yums.

Robert's posted a handful of newsier, music-related items onto Unfair Park already in this short week (hog!). So, in case you missed 'em, here's a run-down:

- In honor of my truly stellar review of the Centro-matic/The Kadane Brothers/The Theater Fire show on Saturday night, Robert posted this item--and linked to a rare Bedhead mp3.

- We learned that Soulja Boy inked a multi-year apparel contract with the Arlington-based company Yums.

- We got the sad news that a major property owner in Deep Ellum had passed, which only fuels concerns about a Dallas-based company was looking to come in, sweep up some land and possibly start changing the face of Deep Ellum.

- Robert talked the "future of radio" with a KTYS-FM 96.7's program director while discussing the station's switch from country to oldie pop.

- And Robert spoke with Josh Venable about the return of The Adventure Club, which is a return, really, in name and host only. The show will now come on at 8 p.m. (instead of 11), and Josh won't play local music like he used to ('cept maybe Centro-matic and Black Tie Dynasty). But, other than that, yeah, he's back.

And now, people who don't ready newsy news, you're all caught up. --Pete Freedman

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