DC9atNight and WeDentonDoIt Present: Twin Shadow

Welcome to a new joint venture between DC9 at Night and the folks at We Denton Do It aimed at introducing local audiences to up-and-coming acts they may have missed during recent stops through town. They're the kind of acts we think you're gonna want to know--and right away, as, in our minds, they seem primed to blow. So sit back, watch and enjoy, bros.

Twin Shadow

's debut full-length album,


, couldn't have come at a better time. With the fall season here in full swing, Twin Shadow fills the void left by summer's passing garage grunge trend and ushers in a new chapter of mellow, self-reflective sounds.

They're the kind of band that high-brow indie connoisseurs just need to know about.

Forget brings everything to the table that a successful, hit record needs. It blends mellow, dramatic, heart-felt lyricism with unconventional nostalgia to shape an adept satirical soundtrack for the huffy beatnik. And, with a select mix of guitar solos and synth melodies, it transitions the listener from the poppy summer jams to the thumping basement dwelling electronic songs of the bitter cold winter.

We met up with Twin Shadow frontman George Lewis for an interview the night of his show as the opening act for Jamie Lidell at the Granada Theater.

The little I had gathered about George prior to the interview made me wonder what to expect on this encounter. But George and the rest of the band proved to be a couple of approachable normal bros. Their band is still emerging in the alternative music scene and not yet buried in success of their blog buzz. Their pretenses have not gotten the best of them and still grant enough humility to be genuine and personable.

Over the course of our talk, George jested about his rise in popularity and mentioned that he wasn't quite to the point of snobbery in precedence of interviews, but that maybe, in the future, there would be a time and place for it.

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His outlook on his successes, and his willingness to be professional while maintaining his own identity, makes Twin Shadow to be a band worth watching. George has a personal brand that the iconoclast blog surfer can relate to, but also one that isn't too far gone for marketing. It's similar to what we see with the rising sensation of Neon Indian. Twin Shadow has the ability to identify with the niche of indie music veterans and yet also appeal to the more commercial-friendly crowd as well.

With pop culture and subcultures increasingly changing and mering in the information age, Twin Shadow fits neatly in the middle of marketability and authenticity.

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