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Demi Lovato's New Video, Apparent Sexuality Get Pimped On Myspace

To those of you who think we only post about the Jonas Brothers on here: Boy, are you misinformed!

For instance, we also post items about Colleyville's own Demi Lovato, who, you might have already noticed, has her new video plastered all over Myspace today under the guise that she's a "featured icon", whatever that means. Also, Myspace promises that the video shows a "different side" to the 16-year-old--to which our very own Jesse Hughey responds, "How many sides can a two-dimensional thing have?"


Alas, that's the video posted above. And, uh, let's just say that, unless you're under 18 or a pervert, it makes for some uncomfortable-at-best viewing. As South Park showed us last week, Disney has a knack for hyper-sexualizing its teen stars...

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