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Denton Dogs To Have Their Day This Weekend

Eating burgers, drinking beers and spending a day with your four-legged best friend sounds like an ideal way to spend a Saturday. How could you possibly improve on that?

Well, by adding the chance to see Ella Minnow, RTB2, Tre Orsi and Record Hop all on the same bill, along with a dozen other musical acts, that’s how.

The lineup for this Saturday’s “Cats and Dogs: A Benefit for the Denton Humane Society” at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton has been finalized, and it’s a whopper. (Full line-up after the jump.)

Keep an eye on your food, though, as dogs are invited. I’m not sure how attentive they’ll be to the music, but you can bet they’ll take an interest in those burgers, if not the squid, minnow, little birds and heeler. --Jesse Hughey

1:00pm - The Tellevators 1:45pm - Ella Minnow 2:30pm - Starhead 3:15pm - Violent Squid 4:00pm - Big Ol Bastards 4:45pm - Handbrake 5:30pm - The Fuzzy Coos 6:15pm - RTB2 7:45pm - Audrey Lapraik 8:15pm - George Neal 9:00pm - Little Birds 9:45pm - Raised By Tigers 10:30pm - Isaac Hoskins (of The Heelers) 11:15pm - Sarah Jaffe 12:00am - Tre Orsi 12:45am - Record Hop

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