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Derek Miller of Sleigh Bells: "You Should Never Apologize for What Turns You On"

All too often in the world of indie-rock, pretense dominates the conversation. Thanks perhaps to the bombast that goes into the music of the Brooklyn-based noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells, that's not a problem you'll find while listening to any of the group's three studio albums, including their brand new release, Bitter Rivals.

The group's continued employment of '80s thrashing hair metal, boisterous rap-rock and sugary pop is the musical proof that Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, who've performed as Sleigh Bells since 2008, wear their influences on their sonic sleeves not because they're oblivious, but because they're unashamed. We talked to Miller as he and Krauss geared-up for a tour that will bring them to Granada Theater this Saturday, October 26.

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Kelly Dearmore