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Dirkx Brothers Staying Busy; Steve Releases New (Old) Effort

It wasn't that long ago that I was singing the praises of Gerard Dirkx, the former frontman of Dallas' legendary new wave combo The Telefones, as he began performing solo for the first time. Gerard put his current band, Fat Palace, on hold and put on some low-key gigs that impressed all who attended. But the solo route was abandoned quickly as Gerard formed yet another band, this one called Sparrowbox. Well, not to be outdone, Steve Dirkx, bassist for The Telefones, has just released a collection of his recordings that actually predates the band he formed with brother Gerard. "I'm sure you're all dying to know what I was doing in 1976. It was pre-punk, pre-Telefones, my 'Eno/Zappa' period," writes Steve in a makeshift press release. The album is called Fruitcakes and Instrumentals and is available via download through Amazon and iTunes. "I noticed there wasn't enough music on the Internet, so I decided to add some of mine," continues Steve's tongue-in-cheek commentary. Fruitcakes is sonically dense stuff, quirky and not a little self-indulgent, but this is part of Dallas' musical history. Perhaps if he makes a little off this project, Steve might finally get around to officially reissuing those two amazing Telefones CDs.-Darryl Smyers

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