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DOMA XX: And The Nominees Are...

Let's say a) you're lazy and haven't run out to your nearest Observer pickup spot yet, or b) you live in one of the more outlying areas of our circulation and you won't get your copy of this week's paper until later today (or early tomorrow)--and yet, despite this, you still want to know the nominees for our 20th annual Dallas Observer Music Awards.

Well, here's your answer (...well, OK, it's actually after the jump). --Pete Freedman

Best Band - Dove Hunter - Record Hop - Eleven Hundred Springs - The Crash That Took Me - Mom

Best Solo Act - Doug Burr - Sarah Jaffe - Sean Kirkpatrick - Glen Reynolds - Robert Gomez

Best Album - On Promenade by Doug Burr - Record Hop by Record Hop - Country Jam by Eleven Hundred Springs - Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes by The Crash That Took Me - Gravity Suddenly Released by Stumptone

Best Song - Slow Southern Home" by Doug Burr - "Julianne" by The Crash That Took Me - "Parking Lot Nights" by Ghosthustler - "Maths" by Record Hop - "The Sparrow Spooked the Crow" by Dove Hunter

Best New Act - Mount Righteous - Matthew and the Arrogant Sea - RTB2 - Tejas Brothers - Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Best Blues Act - Bobby Patterson - Jim Suhler - Pops Carter - Jetscreamer - Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights

Best Hard Rock Act - Record Hop - Max Cady - THe BAcksliders - The Great Tyrant - Spector 45

Best Country/Roots Act - Eleven Hundred Springs - 100 Damned Guns - Doug Burr - Tejas Brothers - The King Bucks - Quebe Sisters Band

Best Indie Act - Bridges and Blinking Lights - Dove Hunter - Stumptone - The Baptist Generals - Calhoun

Best Electronic/Experimental Act - Faux Fox - Florene - Mom - Treewave - Mission Giant - Sydney Confirm

Best Metal Act - Akkolyte - Mitra - Fair to Midland - The Feds - Koji Kondo

Best Folk/Acoustic Act - Doug Burr - Sarah Jaffe - Glen Farris - Matthew and the Arrogant Sea - Collin Herring

Best Funk/R&B Act - Bobby Patterson - Shibboleth - Erykah Badu - Carmen Rodgers - Cas Haley

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act - PPT - Vortexas - Hawatha Hurd - Astronautilus - Lil Wil

Best Jazz Act - Snarky Puppy - Shibboleth - Inner City All-Stars - Shanghai 5 - Yells at Eels

Best DJ - The Party - Wild in the Streets - DeeJay CeePee - DJ Burlap - Wanz Dover - Big J and Schwa

Best Instrumentalist - Chris Holt (The Slack, Sorta) - Ryan Thomas Becker (RTB2, The Slow Burners) - Sean Kirkpatrick (Sean Kirkpatrick, The Paper Chase) - Eric Neal (The Slack, Fishing For Comets) - Joseph Butcher (The King Bucks) - Chris Mayes (Pleasant Grove, The Naptime Shake)

Best Cover/Tribute Act - Hard Night's Day - The King Bucks - Holy Diver - Black and Blue - Boys Named Sue

Best Male Vocalist - Doug Burr - Matt Hillyer (Eleven Hundred Springs) - Emil Rapstine (The Angelus) - Daron Beck (The Great Tyrant) - Jake Wilganowski (Bridges and Blinking Lights) - Jayson Wortham (Dove Hunter)

Best Female Vocalist - Sarah Jaffe - Kim Pendleton (THe BAcksliders) - Kristy Kruger - Liz McGowan (Silk Stocking) - Amy Curnow (Shanghai 5) - Ashley Cromeens (Record Hop)

Best Label - Idol Records - Kirtland Records - Good Records - Gutterth Records - TXMF Records

Best Producer - Salim Nourallah - Stuart Sikes - John Congleton - Matt Pence - Matt Barnhart

Best Venue - Granada Theater - The Double Wide - Sons of Hermann Hall - Dan's Silverleaf - Hailey's Club

Best Record Store - CD World - Recycled Books - Strawberry Fields - Bill's Records - Good Records

Best Booking Agent - Spune Productions (The Cavern, Hailey's Club, Lola's Saloon) - Kris Youmans (Granada Theater) - Department of Concern (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, Dan's Silverleaf) - Chelsea Callahan (The Double Wide) - Mike Snider (AllGood Cafe, Sons of Hermann Hall)

Best Music Advocate - Jeff Liles (myspace.com/historyofdallasmusic) - Chelsea Callahan (The Double Wide) - StonedRanger (WeShotJR.com) - Gutterth Productions - Cindy Chaffin (Finelinelive.com)

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Pete Freedman
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