DOMA XX: Best Song Nominees...

With our DOMA ballot online and ripe for your votin', we figured we'd give you some help: a daily breakdown of each category's nominees.

Best Song - "Slow Southern Home" by Doug Burr - "Julianne" by The Crash That Took Me - "Parking Lot Nights" by Ghosthustler - "Maths" by Record Hop - "The Sparrow Spooked The Crow" by Dove Hunter

Now, this is a competition. But, perhaps more than anything else, it's a litmus test of our readers' and DOMA voters' tastes because, really, every one of these songs is stellar in its own right. So, the question is, area music fans: Are you more into roots rock, hard rock, electronic dance music, grandiose pop rock or folk rock?

Note: Because of some technical difficulties (read: the fact that not everyone in the world uses Firefox, event though they should), this post will be spread out over a six-post span. Really sorry 'bout that. --Pete Freedman

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