DOMA XX: Showcase Merchandise Infomation

So, by now, you should know all about Saturday night's DOMA showcase lineup. And you should also know that, ahem, despite what a certain free daily pick-up around town wrote in its paper today, wristbands (available at the doors to all five venues) will only run you $5.

You can still buy your tickets here, though, where $10 gets you a wristband and your choice of either a compilation CD or a T-shirt.

At the showcase on Saturday, both the compilation CD and T-shirt will run $10 each at the merch tables scattered throughout the venues (remember, a portion of the proceeds from these sales will benefit the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation). You also have the option of buying both for a combined $15.

Compilation CD track-listing after the jump. --Pete Freedman

1. Whiskey Folk Ramblers -- "Moanin' Rag" 2. Bridges & Blinking Lights -- "One Of Us" 3. Inner City All-Stars -- "You Know Nothing" 4. Mitra -- "Dead To Rights" 5. Spector 45 -- "Faster" 6. 100 Damned Guns -- "Skies Are Never Gray" 7. RTB2 -- "Yer Fool's Suite (Part II)" 8. Dove Hunter -- "Cyclone Stare" 9. Stumptone -- "Gravity Suddenly Released" 10. Salim Nourallah -- "Erased" 11. THe BAcksliders -- "You're Gonna Miss Me" 12. Glen Reynolds -- "Wonderland" 13. PPT -- "Dallas Lady" 14. The Slack -- "Breaking Down" 15. Shibboleth -- "Experiment in Error" 16. Akkolyte -- "A Generation of Fuckfaces"


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