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DOMA XX: The Showcase Lineup

On Saturday, July 19, we're gonna be taking over a large chunk of Lowest Greenville to bring you 31 of the best acts in town--all of which are nominated somewhere in our ballot for this year's 20th anniversary awards.

This isn't our awards show; that's happening three days later at the Granada Theater.

This is just a chance for you to check out as many of these talented local acts as you can. The night stretches from 7 p.m. until almost 2 a.m., with new performances kicking off at the five participating stages at the top of every hour.

You can find info on the tickets here, and, maybe I'm biased, but it seems like a pretty reasonable deal to me. If you buy your $10 pass in advance, you get a wristband that gets you access to all five of the participating venues, as well as your choice of a T-shirt or our 16-track compilation CD.

Full showcase lineup after the jump. --Pete Freedman

Billiard Bar 1920 Greenville Ave

7:00 – Holy Diver 8:00 – Carmen Rodgers 9:00 – Yells at Eels 10:00 – Spector 45 11:00 – Akkolyte 12:00 – Whiskey Folk Ramblers

The Cavern 1914 Greenville Ave

7:00 – The Frenz 8:00 – Hawatha Hurd 9:00 – Mitra 10:00 – Sean Kirkpatrick 11:00 – Florene 12:00 – Bridges & Blinking Lights

Gezellig 2010 Greenville Ave

7:00 – The Naptime Shake 8:00 – Snarky Puppy 9:00 – Inner City All-Stars 10:00 – Stumptone 11:00 – RTB2 12:00 – Big J & Schwa Cool Out 1:00 – Blixaboy

Stout 1924 Greenville Ave

7:00 – Vortexas 8:00 – Glen Reynolds 9:00 – Shibboleth 10:00 – The Slack 11:00 – Matthew & The Arrogant Sea 12:00 – Salim Nourallah & The Noise

Sugar Shack 1909 Greenville Ave

7:00 – 100 Damned Guns 8:00 – The BAcksliders 9:00 – Sydney Confirm 10:00 – Dove Hunter 11:00 – PPT 12:00 – Wild in The Streets

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Pete Freedman
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