At last year's 20th Anniversary Dallas Observer Music Awards, we brought back an old tradition from previous DOMAs: a compilation disc featuring tracks from some of the year's nominees.

This year, the compilation's back once again--and it's a pretty sweet little compilation, too, if I may so so myself. Check the full tracklisting (in the form of the CD jacket's back cover) after the jump.

In the meantime, know this: As currently planned, we're only pressing 500 of these suckers. And there's only one way to get one of 'em: by purchasing your wristband to July 18th's DOMA Showcase in advance. So, y'know, do that.

And then? Enjoy the sweet sounds of some of the best songs from DFW's past year. If, that is, there are still any discs left.

DOMA XXI: Compilation Disc Details and Tracklisting

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