Dondria, Dorrough and Lil Twist Combine For A Dallas First With Their Most Recent Videos

Hopefully our incessant bugging you about Dorrough, Dondria and Lil Twist this summer hasn't fallen on deaf ears.

Because, whether or not DC9 readers are paying attention, plenty of others are when it comes to these three. In fact, on Tuesday, the trio combined for the fifth time to pull of something that, far as we're aware, has never happened in the world of Dallas hip-hop and R&B.

That day, for the fifth time since first doing so back on August 18, each of these three Dallas-based artists landed a video on BET's venerable, daily video countdown program, 106 & Park. Dondria's "Shawty Wus Up" came in at No. 9 on the countdown, Dorrough's "Get Big" came in at No. 7, and Lil Twist's "Lil Secret" was just one spot away from the top honors.

Say what you will about the necessity of such a program during these times in which most people watch their music videos online rather than on cable television, but the fact remains: This nationwide program, with its nationwide audience of voters, has chosen five times now to have Dallas-based acts to represent 30 percent of daily list of the top hip-hop and R&B videos in the country.

And, surely, counts for something. Right?

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