Dorrough Gets Love From Both The Source And XXL As He Releases His Newest Mixtape

After the jump, check a couple scans from both XXL and The Source, the two leading hip-hop magazines around these days. In this month's issues, both magazines featured Q&A's with Lancaster's own Mr. Ice Cream Paint Job himself, Dorrough. The Source's Q&A is more of a standard session in which Dorrough is asked to explain his high school basketball days and if his fans can really expect him to be more than a one-album wonder. XXL, meanwhile, asks Dorrough to take its readers on a tour of his favorite spots in town.

The reason behind both of these? Dorrough's just released a new mixtape, Gangsta Grillz Number 23, as part of DJ Drama's successful, ongoing series of underground releases. Download the mix for free here. If nothing else, it's worth it just for Dorrough's collaboration with fellow Dallasite Fat Pimp on the song "Street Fighter," a song of which Man Factory would no doubt approve.

After the jump, check the articles scans for good measure. And, sure, just for kicks, also after the jump, grab a download of yet one more "Ice Cream Paint Job" remix--this one courtesy of Pittsburgh's DJ McFly. Called "Ice Cream Paint Job Around The World," it combined Dorrough's breakthrough hit with Daft Punk's biggest single as well. It's a charming listen to say the least.

Bonus mp3:

Dorrough vs. Daft Punk -- "Ice Cream Paint Job Around The World (DJ McFly Edit)"

Niiiiice. Now, onto the articles...

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