Doug Burr Drops The Shawl, Finds It On Year-End Lists, Releases Amazing Video. Y'know, No Big Deal.

Please, please, please do yourself a favor and watch the beautiful, incredible, Josh Pearson-starring, Jon Todd Collins-directed video for Doug Burr's "Should've Known", off 2007's On Promenade. Amazing stuff--if, OK, a little curious in terms of its release.

Why release a song off Burr's 2007 disc when another disc, his new, Psalms-inspired The Shawl, is currently available for purchase. (It's official CD release show isn't until Saturday, January 17, at Sons of Hermann Hall--catch our official review of the disc in the paper that comes out on the 15th.) Tough to say. But, either way, hell of a video.

Or is a turn of phrase like "hell of a video" a tad, oh, uncouth? After all, congratulations are in order for Mr. Burr: Dunno how we missed this earlier, but did you know that The Shawl was already named to a best of year-end list? Online music mag Patrol named the disc as the eighth-best "faith-inspired" album of 2008. I know, right? Talk about fast. Good for Doug.

Anyone who's ever met him knows he's a great guy, and anyone who's ever heard him knows that he deserves this. --Pete Freedman


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