Doug Burr (Brian Harkin)

Doug Burr Offers Up A New Download Via Myspace

In this week's paper, Dave Sims uses his North of the Dial column to discuss the recording process for Doug Burr's upcoming psalms-inspired effort. And on this past Saturday night at AllGood Cafe, Burr (and friends) went ahead and performed the results from those sessions.

But if you, say, were at the Centro-matic show (or any other show, for that matter), and wound up missing the performance, you can still hear the fruits of Burr's labor.

Check out Burr's Myspace page and you'll find a free download: the rough mix of the song "I Am Weary With My Sighing." It's a little Jesus-y for this Jew's tastes, but it's no less beautiful than the rest of Burr's output. So, if you're digging on Burr, you might want to check it out. --Pete Freedman


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