Download: Damaged Good$' $pread Love Not Germ$ Mixtape

Damaged Good$ finally went and did it yesterday, releasing the $pread Love Not Germ$ mixtape its been teasing us with for a few months now. It's worth the wait, too: Beyond the three songs the band has already given out for free to promote the release, the free-to-download mixtape (click the link to head to the download page) features a slew of other electro-hop bangers well worth your time. After the jump, check one of our new favorites, "I Remember."

Presented by DJ Benzi (who has previously given his stamp of approval to tapes from the likes fo Kanye West, Clipse and Mike Posner), the 11-track release is likely just the first of two to come from DMG$ in 2010, Coool Dundee, the taller half of the duo, tells us this afternoon. But that second release, which will be a full proper album and again will find the duo working with London-based producer Xrabit, is  the last thing on the duo's mind at the moment.

"We're just gonna keep pushing this for a bit--until there've been like a bajillion downloads and everybody in the world has a copy," says Dundee, born Chris Clark. "We're gonna start doing more [show] dates, too."

As for how the group got Benzi involved, it was simple.

"At first, we didn't want to do a DJ thing," Dundee says. "But then we thought about it and we just asked him and he said yes."

Easy as falling asleep, huh? Not really, says Dundee, who admits to not having slept for the past two days.

"It's hard to sleep!" he says, with a laugh. "We're just always doing stuff--writing, whatever. And sleep's not fun."

He clearly doesn't speak for me. Anyway, check out "I Remember":

<a href="">I Remember by Damaged Good$</a>

Next. Level.

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