Download: DJ Marvel's No Request, Vol. 3 Mixtape

Over on his highly entertaining blog at Fresherthan.com, local DJ Fishr Pryce, who himself is promising a new mixtape in the coming days, has posted a link for readers to download the newest mix from local spinner DJ Marvel, who holds a residency over at Henderson Avenue nightclub Glo. The idea behind the mix, called No Request, Vol. 3, is pretty self-explanatory: As opposed to be handcuffed by the requests coming from the dancefloor, this mix is completely of Marverl's selection.

The result? A mix of pretty entertaining off-the-beaten-path hip-hop, plus some Top 40 hip-hop tracks remixed over new beats. Worth checking out for sure. Download it here.

And, while at Fresherthan, check out the latest Snack Pack beat compilation from local producer/DJ Rob Viktum and a new track from Dallas-born, LA-based rapper Mes The Jive Turkey.

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