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Download: Fishboy's Daytrotter Session Recordings

Seems we keep coming back to Daytrotter in recent weeks. Already, twice in the past two months--when the studio recorded My Brightest Diamond, and then again when the studio recorded Ben Kweller--we've linked to the tour-stop recordings made at this little, but well-known (thanks, Internet!) Illinois studio. Now let's go for a third: Denton's own Fishboy got the Daytrotter just this past Saturday. Check it out right here.

The studio's written words accompanying the piece are, well, a little incoherent and the recording isn't really up to the studio's own high bar--but I'm just nitpicking, maybe.

Either way, it's worth your stopping by their site and downloading the free tracks--all four of which come from Fishboy's 2007 release, Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With the Power of Rock and Roll.

There's a whole lotta Denton talk from Fishboy mastermind Eric Michener in his comments on the site, too, which I'm sure Dentonites will appreciate--like, for instance, he says "
There are a lot of great tacos in Denton, TX" in reference to his song "Taqueria Girl".

Me? I've never had tacos in Denton, I don't think. Wonder if Michener's got any tips...

Update: As an interesting aside, it should be noted that this session was recorded in December 2007 and was only now posted, for whatever reason.

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