Download: GalleryCat's Bi-Polaroid Has Its Flaws, But Showcases Some Serious Promise.

It was, well, about six months ago now, almost to the day, that we first came across the quick-rhyming styles of area hipster-hop act/skate-rapper GalleryCat and fell head over heels for his single "Say Say Say," a high-energy, borderline eight-bit dance romp about the difficulties of finding love in an on-again, off-again modern world. (Click the first link in this post to get to a free download of the track.)

Anyway, yesterday, GalleryCat (born Angelo Gonzalez of Pleasant Grove) finally dropped his debut full-length, Bi-Polaroid--and, better yet, he's doing so as a free download, which you can get for yourself right here.

I'd be lying if I said the whole disc was as on-point as "Say Say Say," but there are certainly some real gems to be found elsewhere on the disc--particularly on the tracks "Hip Hop, Save Me" and "Life Is So Great (feat. Jonny Mack)," which pick up with on the innovative dance beat tip that "Say Say Say" started.

Unfortunately, though, the mix on this version of Bi-Polaroid is kind of all over the place, leaving "Life Is So Great" kinda muddled and, overall, just really low in the mix. But, either way, Gonzalez is a talent worth keeping an eye on, a performer whose flow just oozes a good time, and serves a great example of the kind of hip-hop bubbling up in the area skate scene. And, with tracks like "Say Say Say," "Hip Hop, Save Me" and "Life Is So Great," Gonzalez has capably extablished himself comfortably atop that heap. Check this one out for sure.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.