Sean Kirkpatrick tickling away. (Kris Youmans)

Download Sean Kirkpatrick's Polvo Covers EP For Free

So, it's kind of a slow blog day, and this is kinda old news, but what the hell... We're always down for a little Sean Kirkpatrick around these parts.

And on that note, we present this: a free four-track EP download of Kirkpatrick covering Polvo, thanks to the man himself and the folks behind Gutterth Productions. It's the same stuff he presented for his Halloween night Rock 'n' Roll Masquerade performance at Dan's Silverleaf--and it's pretty effin' good.

Here's what's remarkable about Kirkpatrick: When he decides to cover a band--even a guitar-based act like Polvo--he truly makes it his own, letting his piano play and vocal stylings re-interpret the songs, instead of simply trying to mimic them. Anyone who heard his re-working of Ghosthustler's "Parking Lot Nights" at this summer's DOMAs knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, enjoy. And thanks to Sean and the folks at Gutterth for passing this along. --Pete Freedman

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