Download: THe BAcksliders' Thank You

If you head over to THe BAcksliders' web page, you can go ahead and download the band's latest disc, Thank You, for the inarguable price of zero dollars.

Just drag your mouse over the picture of the new album cover, click and download. It's literally that simple.

But beyond that, the disc is quite the solid effort from the longtime hard-rockin', hard-partyin' area act--and a large step in the right direction from last year's You're Welcome, which found the band, normally known for it's frenetic live shows and hard-edged, classic blues-rock sound, delving a little bit into some timid pop-rock territory.

Consider Thank You that album's troubled, bastard younger sibling, harder than the last and able to get away with more crap because, this time around, the parents have given up on trying to keep things calm.

Expect a full review of the disc in next week's paper, and catch THe BAcksliders on Saturday night at the City Tavern with The Lash Outs and The Dirty Sound.

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