Download This Right Now: The South Dallas Pop Festival's Live Recordings

Maybe you remember a few weeks back when both Robert and I practically begged that you take the time to watch KERA's South Dallas Pop documentary about the 1970 South Dallas Pop Festival?

Well, did you watch it? I did. Thought it was kinda cool, too; learned a lot about the history of music in South Dallas over the course of that half-hour. And though the doc was pretty much completely voice of any live video, it did have something else going for it: great music, thanks to the fact that the fest in question was recorded for posterity (and was just officially released).

Well, even more good news today for the frugal local audiophiles who regularly check this blog: Another blog, one called DeaconBlues1103Soul has the whole damn live recording (which features Apollo Commanders, Eddie Finley, Eddie Purrell, Soul 71, Black Maffia, the Marcel Ivery Quintet, Les Watson, Panthers and Monica Harris) up for download right here--and probably only very temporarily, so hurry on over there and grab it.

It comes it a .rar file format, so you may need to scour the web to find yourself a .rar converter, but man is it worth it. Enjoy. --Pete Freedman

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