Download: Three New Tracks From Red Monroe

Yeah, it's already been mentioned elsewhere, but it's worth spreading around some more, I think: If you head over to Red Monroe's website, you can download--for free--three brand-new, very different Red Monroe tracks.

And they're worth checking out: "Eastern PA" features a vocoder (I think), plus some distant choruses for a melodic, near-ambient jaunt that, actually, paints a pretty accurate sonic picture of eastern Pennsylvania's landscape; "Pat Mayse Lake" is a bouncy, Modest Mouse-like take that's probably the best of the three tracks; and "Private Ballroom," boasts spastic, electronic dance-ish sound.

"We just really wanted to do something different," Red Monroe drummer Jeff Gilroy tells DC9 this afternoon. "All three songs have totally different styles. So we kinda felt it best to just go with that and try to challenge ourselves with something new."

But, actually, aside from the fact that the three tracks are just now being unleashed on the public, none of them are necessarily "new." Each song was written and recorded last year, Gilroy says, and "Private Ballroom", in particular, was "the missing track" from the band's 2007 release, ¡PoliciaPolicia!.

As for what this means for the band, which has been on something of a performance hiatus for the better part of the past year? Well, to that end, Gilroy replies, "We have a lot of ideas for this year, which will take some time. So better to release these songs now, than wait another year."

We'll let you know when those ideas come to fruition. But, in the meantime, downloading the free songs should help tide you over a bit.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.