Download: Two New, Improved Tracks From THe BAcksliders

I'll be honest. I was somewhat underwhelemed by THe BAcksliders' 2008 release, You're Welcome. It was weird, I thought. Here's this raucous, straight up rock 'n' roll band--one that's pretty darn great live, and here's this disc that just shimmers in crisp, clean, shiny production.

Something didn't really jive.

But today, over on the band's ReverbNation page, you can download new, much-improved renditions of two You're Welcome tracks. Re-recorded for a new, limited release, 7-inch marbled pink vinyl release, the songs "Cry" and "I Got Mine" are now dirtier, lower in fidelity, and, pretty much, just thrown through a loop; both tracks sound far more washed out now (makes sense given the band's flavor for classic power pop rock acts like Badfinger) and on "I Got Mine", frontwoman Kim Pendleton removes herself from her usual frontwoman roll to let (I think) husband/lead guitarist take over on vox. The results are, well, pretty great--and more in the wheelhouse of the band's live performances. Check out the new versions right here.

And catch THe BAcksliders on Saturday night at The Lounge with Cocky Americans and Slider Pines.

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