Early Gig Alert: Slobberbone To Reunite For Two Shows In Early February

It's not exactly a secret at this point--it's on Dan's Silverleaf's online calendar, on opening act The O's' Myspace page and on the fan-run Slobberbone Myspace page--but we might as well pass along the news (although one commenter already, um, kinda did earlier today): Slobberbone's reuniting for two area shows.

And, no, not as Whiskey Glass Eye. As Slobberbone.

The longtime favorites of the area (and beyond, really) alt-country scene will perform Friday, February 6, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton, and then again on Saturday, February 7, at the Barley House in Dallas.

There's no confirmation of the show yet on the Barley House's site (and no one working there before 4 o'clock who answers the phone, apparently), but tickets to the Dan's gig can be purchased in advance right here.

The O's, whose debut full-length is currently available for purchase on iTunes, and whose physical disc will be released just a few days after these shows, on February 10, are opening both dates.

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