Eastwood Helps Trick Former Club Dada Owner Into Getting A Makeover

If you spot blogger and former Club Dada owner Amanda Warr (the local music supporter formerly known as Amanda Newman) around town sporting a fresh, new look in the coming weeks, well, you can thank/blame local Americana outfit Eastwood for the switch.

Warr was ambushed last night by the people behind TLC's What Not To Wear at an Eastwood gig at Jack's Backyard. Frontburner's got the low-down of how it all went down, courtesy Eastwood frontman Kevin Minihan.

Update: A Friend of DC9 checks in to clear things up a tad. Eastwood wasn't behind the surprise so much as just another part of it: Warr's husband and fellow bloggers were the ones who nominated her for the makeover; Eastwood just happened to be playing the gig--a charity event for The Bridge homeless center--as Warr was ambushed.

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