Even With Its Release Still In Limbo, VEGA's Well Known Pleasures Gets The Oh-So-Vital Pitchfork Review

Over on Pitchfork today, the debut EP from Alan Palomo's VEGA project get's the all-important Pitchfork review, scoring a 6.0 on the site's 10-point scale, although, to be fair, it's probably a little more positive than that, ending on a note that pretty much anyone who has heard Palomo's work can agree with: Guy's got a bright future.

Oh, and this note from reviewer Marc Hogan is kinda brilliant: "Given the evolution in band logos, it's tempting to see VEGA as Sega to Ghosthustler's N.E.S.: same computing power, more of a 'cult' appeal."

But you can read, I assume, so go check out the review for yourself.

Good luck buying the record at this point, though; as we mentioned the other day, Vogue College has yet to release the disc, and Palomo's still in talks with other outlets potentially interested in putting out the EP. Can't say who yet, but as soon as we hear, we'll pass the word along...

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