Fair To Midland And Slow Roosevelt To Play Trees' Opening Weekend

We've had the date of August 14 circled on our calendars for some time now--and with good reason; that's when the revered Deep Ellum rock club Trees is set to re-open its doors after after a three-and-a-half year hiatus. And while we've heard rumors of what's to come from Clint Barlow's new club--and seen that area prog metal favorites Fair to Midland had posted to its Myspace that it would be performing at the venue on Saturday, August 15, as part of the opening weekend festivities--we were waiting for some more confirms before we let the cat out of the bag.

And then Pegasus News went and posted an item today announcing that both Fair to Midland and Slow Roosevelt announced on each of their Myspace pages that they would be playing the weekend, with Fair to Midland playing on Saturday and SlowRo taking over the Friday night (and thus opening night) duties. But Barlow, when approached by Pegasus News, balked at confirming much of the details on the festivities, other than to say that, yes, both bands will be playing that weekend.

Well, having just spoke with Barlow, we can confirm this much: Fair to Midland will be performing on Saturday, August 15, at Trees. Slow Roosevelt, too, will be playing that weekend, although whether it performs on Friday, or on Saturday with FTM, remains up in the air--Barlow's still waiting on some other confirms before he announces anything official.

And, speaking of official? We should know, for sure, Trees' opening weekend lineup at some point this week, Barlow promises.

We'll keep you updated...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.