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Fergus & Geronimo's Debut Full-Length on Sub Pop Imprint Hardly Art Gets A Release Date

Back in June, back when Andrew Savage and Jason Kelly still lived in Denton and hadn't yet made their move to Brooklyn, we passed along the news that the duo, who together perform as Fergus & Geronimo, had been signed to the newly created Sub Pop imprint label, Hardly Art.

Well, today comes some news on the band's debut full-length: Hardly Art will release the disc, called Unlearn, on January 18, 2011. Over at Pitchfork, the band's streaming a new, better mixed version of its long-blog-approved "Girls With English Accents."

Technically, it's the band's second Hardly Art release; back in August, the label issued a seven-inch, blue-and-white vinyl single single from the duo, featuring two songs not included on Unlearn, "Never Satisfied" and the local blogosphere-approved "Turning Blue."

Stream those two songs, which also have been given much-needed mixing updates, and give the Unlearn tracklisting a look-see (if only to see how many other of the band's blogosphere-approved songs made the cut) after the jump.

01 Girls With English Accents
02 Wanna Know What I Would Do?
03 Powerful Lovin' 
04 Baby Boomer/Could You Deliver
05 Michael Kelly
06 Baby Don't You Cry
07 Where the Walls Are Made of Grass
08 The World Never Stops
09 Forced Aloha
10 Could You Deliver
11 Unlearn

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