Fight Bite's "Swissex Lover" Video Debuts On Stereogum

Denton duo Fight Bite--you know, the blog darlings and (blatant plug alert!) the lead-in story subjects of last week's Observer music section--has recorded and released a video for the first single (and, well, best song) on the band's debut record, Emerald Eyes, "Swissex Lover".

Stereogum's got the feed on the video (which I can't embed here--sorry; formatting issues) so head on over there and check it out. It's pretty much what you'd expect from the duo: Lots of recording footage, spliced with various archival movies and performance-for-the-video clips.

And it's actually a pretty great companion to the track. So, yeah, check it out when you've got 4:37 to spare. --Pete Freedman

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