Foe Destroyed: The Band That Formed After Oso Closo's Breakup Is Now Dead, Too.

We're admittedly a little late on this, but, a week ago today, DFW.com Ink, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's answer to the Morning News' Quick in Tarrant Country, broke the news that Foe Destroyer, the band that formed in the wake of Oso Closo's breakup and featured four of that original band's five members, has gone the way of its predecessor, also calling it quits.

For a few reasons, actually:

[Guitarist Chris] McQueen is moving back home to Austin, bass player Andy Rogers will be playing in a bluegrass band called Boxcar Bandits, [drummer Ryan] Jacobi will be headed for Plano with his fiance for her new job, and [frontman Danny] Garcia, well, he says he's working on a musical production of Jurassic Park.

Sucks to lose Best instrumentalist nominee McQueen, that's for sure. And to Austin, no less? Ugh. Really, the whole thing's kind of a shame, too, as the band just recently had us turning our heads at last month's Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase, thanks to its guitar-heavy set at The Door. Oh well. Them's the breaks, I guess.

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