For The Second Time, A Sarah Jaffe Song Is Named National Public Radio's Song of the Day

There's no such thing as too much publicity--and these days, Sarah Jaffe, who later this week kicks off her gig as the tour opener for Lou Barlow, is getting plenty.

And the hits just keep coming: Today, in the wake of mentions in Magnet, Paste and elsewhere (including a four-star review from American Songwriter), Jaffe's earned herself even more praise. Turns out that National Public Radio has named "Clementine," the lead single off Jaffe's great, full-length debut, Suburban Nature, as its song of the day, calling the song "a lullaby for adults" and referring to Jaffe's career as "immensely promising."

Not too shabby. Except--oh, right--this isn't the first time NPR's given Jaffe this nod. Back in 2008, NPR gave the same honor to the title song off Jaffe's Even Born Again EP.

Catch Jaffe when she and Barlow roll through Dallas for their gig at The Loft on Tuesday, June 15.

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