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Forever The Sickest Kids Collaborate With Selena Gomez... For A Remix? (Uh-Huh.)

Since Disney teen star Selena Gomez is apparently all about promoting local produce (seen her Borden milk commercials yet?), I guess we can return the favor and mention this: The Grand Prairie native has joined forces with her fellow Dallas suburbanites in Forever the Sickest Kids to record a remix of sorts, in which Gomez sings extra harmonies for the song "Woah Oh (Me vs. Everyone)"--the track that broke into radio playlists last summer and put FTSK (and, subsequently, the entire Dallas mall punk scene) on the map.

More on FTSK in next week's print edition cover story (in which I try to make some sense of the suburban rock landscape). But for the time being, if you're just jonesing to hear this collaboration in full, OK, you can download it here, thanks to this blog. Or you can get it on iTunes for a dollar, I think.

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