Fort Worth Gets Two More Venues, Courtesy Success Of Lola's, Spune

Fort Worth just continues to explode: Lance Yocom of Spune Productions passes along word of two new venues set to open up in Fort Worth at the end of the month this weekend and next, both of which will be booked by Spune and owned by Lola's Saloon owner Brian Forella.

What are they? Well, the first is the dormant Longhorn Saloon venue, which is being re-vamped and re-opened in order to compete, according to Yocom at least, with Dallas' larger venues, like the Granada, the Lakewood and the Door. (The 18 flatscreen TVs should help...).

The second? A new sister to Lola's Saloon: Lola's Stockyards, a basement venue located right down the road from the Longhorn Saloon.

Promises Yocom: "We have no intention for either of these rooms to be 'just a country bar'. Longhorn Saloon is a concert hall and we plan to host all genres of music from local, regional and national touring bands. Lola's Stockyards is not only a nice conversational place to hang out; it's stage serves as a great host to live music."

Fair enough; the more the merrier in our eyes...

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