Four Heavy Local Releases You Should Grab

With the oppressive heat of summer bearing down on us, our thoughts no doubt lead down some darker corridors, as we try to occupy idle hands and restless brains. Here are a few new local releases that lean on the heavy/experimental side, which you should cop posthaste.

Bludded Head, Bludded Head Nevada Hill (guitar), Darcy Neal (cello) and Mike Forbes (drums) combine forces to form like a doom-metal Voltron. Bludded Head's debut 12-inch was placed into the capable hands of Matt Barnhart, and the result is epic stretches of lurching low-end, blood-wet drums and Hill's larynx-exploding scream. A great "beach" album.

Fond Phantom, Fond Phantom The solo project of Chad Jonathan Walls features two songs, both approaching 20 minutes each, which gives them room to expand and contract across a series of textural and sonic changes. Good "meditation" music.

Eccotone and Spacebeach, Parts These two acts will be getting buckwild tomorrow, June 20, at 1919 Hemphill. Play their new split loud.

Pinkish Black, Pinkish Black We told you the Pinkish Black story last month, but I recently went back and reassessed their self-titled debut, and it holds up after multiple listens. Jon Teague is quite possibly DFW's best drummer. Catch them this Sunday, June 24, at Lola's at part of the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards, or June 29 at Rubber Gloves, when they pair up with fellow heavies Akkolyte.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.