Frankie Rose - Dada - 4/13/12

Frankie Rose Dada Friday, April 13

Just before Frankie Rose took the stage on Friday, openers Dive delivered an atmospheric set that was a talking point for the rest of the evening. Add Dive to the list of side projects associated with Brooklyn four-piece Beach Fossils, a fairly buzzed about club to be included in. The shoe-gazing translated smartly onstage, but their energy came as a pleasant surprise, and debut EP Oshin comes to us in June via Captured Tracks.

A little before midnight, Frankie Rose took the stage and filled the room with the title track from her sophomore album, Interstellar. She's visited us before, thanks to Parade of Flesh, when she was performing as Frankie Rose and the Outs. A few cuts from Rose's first solo outing retain some of the girl-group influence of that self-titled, but can still mingle with the more sophisticated sound of Interstellar.

As she kicked into personal favorite "Know Me," the sound at Dada filled the room. "Night Swim" was equally surprising live and many tracks had an edge to them that doesn't come across on the more polished recordings.

After the show, I went back to say hello to Ms. Rose and mentioned that I was impressed with her ability keep the ethereal quality of the album but give the live show a grittier texture. "It's those guitars, man," she said coolly, "we have to have a little edge." When I remarked that I was delighted she was enjoying her stay in Dallas, she smiled. "Yeah, I might move here."

Just be cool, guys. I want to take Frankie Rose to brunch.

One more thing: Parade of Flesh's John Iskander swooped in just as Frankie Rose was going on, and clearly had been attending to his happenings all over town that night. PoF continues to cater to all sorts of crowds in Dallas, often simultaneously.

Unrelated: Frankie Rose, inspiring grown-ass ladies to dress like a cooler version of Sandy at the end of Grease since April 13, 2012.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.