Frausun On the Master-Slave Relationship and Challenging Prejudice

Dallas industrial duo Frausun came to my attention a few months ago, after I read they were doing a reinterpretation of Phantom of the Opera. Then I came across some of their videos. I found Kurtz and Paloma Frausun's music (which invokes Norse mythology, among other things), and their live show (caution, video is NSFW), which involves scarification, to be intriguing and mildly terrifying, mostly because I didn't understand it. Their love story - they identify as master and slave - may not be traditional, but they also seem more functional than most couples I know.

I asked Kurtz about their new album, FagGuts, which includes a Mae West cover, their "adult" film and a bit about their dynamic.

Could you tell me about the theme of the new album? Is it one of your more political ventures? The new album was inspired by the recent bullying of GLBT youth and their suicidal behavior, which I heard about on the news. A lot of the campaigns I saw for them were far too gentle for my taste. A lot of hugs and "It gets better" attitude. This album is about fighting back and striking down those that want you dead solely because of your sexuality. I went through my own struggle of sexual identity and know how it feels.

Can you tell me a bit about the Ouroboros trailer? A few months ago, I tried to make an adult film called "Ouroboros." It tells the story of four women who acquire the vital essence of their male lovers and use it as a potion to transform a lily into gold. Twice I tried filming it and everyone eventually got scared off. So I just created the trailer in an attempt to shop it around to adult studios to see if anyone would be interested.

And what is the nature of your relationship with Paloma? Paloma and I are Master and Slave. A few years ago, she signed away her self to me and she is now considered my property. Comes with a great deal of responsibility on both our parts and I'm honored that a woman would show so much devotion and have that much trust and faith in me to take care of her. I'm very lucky.

Catch Frausun next on Saturday, July 28, at the Crown & Harp.

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