Some great stuff from the "way back when" files popped up on the Internet this morning, courtesy Dragon Street Records owner David Dennard, who, once upon a time, helped produce Deep Ellum greats like Shallow Reign in the studio and put out the earliest Tripping Daisy releases on his label.

Wanna see a couple videos from a very young Rhett Miller's 1987 performance on Dennard's cable access show Hi-Res Diner? OK, then. Here he is, singing "Song for Truman Capote".

From The Archives: A Very Young Rhett Miller and A Very Young Salim Nourallah

The show, part of the access channel's Monday Night Art Stuff block, ran for a few years, with performances from a number of Deep Ellum greats or, as Dennard puts it, "just about anyone who was performing back then."

"A lot of times, these artists would come in, and they had their own videos," Dennard fondly recalls. "But when they didn't, we'd help them make one."

When the Art Stuff block was canceled, Dennard was given a few boxes full of the show's archive tapes, which, after recently moving into some new digs, he's rediscovered. And he plans to slowly trickle the clips out onto the Internet in the near future.

"I've got hours of stuff to pull," Dennard says. So keep an eye on his Youtube channel. Or don't, because we sure will be, and we'll keep you up to date on the best stuff.

After the jump, two more early Miller clips, plus, some videos of The Moon Festival in the studio in 1991. The who? Oh, just Salim Nourallah's first band.

I'm sure they'll enjoy re-living these memories. Maybe. --Pete Freedman

Rhett Miller -- "TV Set"

Rhett Miller -- "Sea Shell Girl"

The Moon Festival -- "The Fable Maker"

The Moon Festival -- "Tapestry"

The Moon Festival -- "I Knew Her For A Second"


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