Post Malone might be cursed.EXPAND
Post Malone might be cursed.
Mikel Galicia

Garland Spiritual Shop Owner Says Post Malone Needs To Reverse His Curse

Is Post Malone Cursed?

That may explain why Post Malone, the Grapevine-native rapper, has been having a bit of bad luck during these past few weeks.

In August, Malone was onboard a private jet bound for a London concert when two of the plane's tires blew out, taking four hours to make an emergency landing. Then in September, Malone was uninjured in a car wreck while riding in the passenger seat of his white Rolls-Royce in West Hollywood. Days later, it was reported that Malone was a target of a home invasion robbery.

Malone is lucky to be alive, but there has to be a reason behind all this bad fortune. It’s simple: he’s cursed. Well, that’s what Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans is claiming, anyway.

“i landed guys,” Malone tweeted after the plane incident. “thank you for your prayers. can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website. fuck you. but not today.”

TMZ released a video of Bagans and Malone visiting The Haunted Museum in June. The video shows Bagans and Malone in a room where a dybbuk box, a box that holds a malicious spirit and is the world’s most haunted object, is displayed.

The video doesn’t show Bagans taking off the protective box, but he claims he took off the protective case and for the first time, he was compelled to touch the dybbuk box.

Malone touched Bagans' shoulder, while Bagans was touching the dybbuk box for a few seconds. Bagans says that Malone’s shoulder touch was enough to pass a curse. Malone looked to be scared and freaked out. The video ends with both rushing out the door.

“God must hate me lol,” Malone tweeted after the car accident.

“It can be a curse,” says Barbara Chavez, owner of Barbys Girdles Fajas y BOTANICA, a spiritual shop in Garland.

Chavez says she doesn’t know anything about the dybbuk box but specializes in spiritual readings, witchcraft and curses.

Chavez says in this case that Malone was not supposed to be in the room where the dybbuk box was because Bagans is the owner of the box and the only person that can be present in the room.

Chavez also says that even if the box is claimed to have a malicious spirit inside, it may not be the reason Malone has had bad luck.

“So sometimes it’s not the item,” Chavez says. “The person [Malone] is the one that needs to have the bad taken off of his body.”

If Malone is cursed, then Chavez says that he will need to visit a spiritual specialist to cleanse the bad in his body and reverse the curse back to the person who gave it to him. Chavez says that curses can be taken away, but it can never fully be destroyed. If Malone does reverse the curse, then Bagans is meant to be cursed forever. Scary.

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